Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ordering Prints & Standout Displays

Time to order prints from your gallery of photos!  Here's how it's done.

Here is what your gallery will look like (only your photos will be there!)
Be sure to click the "Show All" at the bottom of the page to see all the photos.

Let's start by double clicking on the photo you'd like to order.

Now, you'll see this screen below, with that photo displayed all by itself.  Simply click "Buy" and then choose "Select Product" from the drop down menu.

Here you will see all the prints and products that are available to you.  The first products listed are the regular prints.   Scroll down to see more. The print size is displayed at left.  The blue "Select" at right next to the price is how you will choose the exact size that you need.

 Just for fun, let's say we're going with an 8x10 of the beautiful girl in this photo.  So, as you see below, we chose "Select" next to that size.  Here, I have increased the quantity to "2" by clicking on the "+" sign on the quantity box.  I've also chosen "metallic" paper (breathtaking stuff!)  Now click "Add to Cart", and  you're on your way...

Now you'll see a screen that shows that you've added this to your cart.  Here, you have the option to either configure your options, or checkout if that's all you need.  Let's make sure our cropping looks right by selecting "Preview and Configure"

With every and any print size you choose, there is bound to be some cropping in the final print.  This is because the varying proportions of all the different cameras out there in the world.   Every frame just does not match up with every print.  Long story short, for the best fit choose print sizes that reduce to a 2x3 ratio (4x6, 8x12, 16x24, 20x30...).  These sizes will not crop off anything.  In our case, an 8x10 size is going to crop off quite a bit (the most of any size)  off the short sides.  Here, I have dragged the crop box all the way over to the left so that I don't crop off her elbow!

At left, you can set other options for this print.  Below, choosing "Add Frame and Mounting"  provides you the option to have your print mounted on a thicker surface or framed.

Once you're all set go ahead and click "Continue Shopping".  Your choices are saved and you'll be returned to that photo by itself again.  Page through the other photos by using the arrow buttons at top right , or click your gallery name up at top left to be returned to the thumbnails page.

 Let's click "Buy" on another photo, and then we'll scroll down through the price list to the "Standout Displays".  These are an excellent choice! Since they don't have to be framed you can order them in the sizes I've mentioned above, and there won't be anything cropped off!  It's a beautiful product as well.  Just pin it up to the wall and you're done.  Instant personalized art for your home!  Once you choose "Select" you'll see a description of this product that will tell you more.

At this point we can configure options on this item, or just finish up and check out.  Since we're done here, let's click "View Shopping Cart"

From this page you can review all your options for each item you ordered.  Yo can click on the thumbnail again to go back in and check that cropping one more time.  Once we've done that we can click "Checkout Now"

Here you'll be asked to register, log in, or do neither.

Continue through to enter your shipping address.  The prints come straight to you!

On this page above, you have the option of entering a promo code if I provide one to you.  Enter that and then click "Apply" at right.  "Continue Checkout" takes you to the payment screen.  You're home free!

Any other questions?  Please email me!

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